Love, and Chocolate go Hand-in-Hand for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is coming closer. The day of love. The day of being loved and giving love. The day when people who didn't even know they were loved finds out that they have a lover out there. All in all, for most people, Valentine's Day is a beautiful day. 

On Valentine's Day, the most common gift to give and receive is chocolate. Chocolate shops go nuts on the chocolatiest day of the year. Did you ever wonder why?

Why is Valentine's Day associated with chocolate? Why is it love when someone buys you a box of chocolates? Why is chocolate so intimate? 

The answer is in the chocolate. It is how the chocolate reacts with your brain. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It makes us feel good, happy, and loved. When we are given chocolate we feel all sweet and mushy inside and a good feeling takes over us. Therefore, when you want someone to love you, feel good about you or even forgive you, a box of chocolates is always the answer.

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